Leak Detection

Leaks in flat roofs can be located by using Buckleys Wet Roof Leak Detector. The equipment is suitable for all roofs constructed with non-conductive...


DC Pinhole / Holiday Detector

DC Pinhole / Holiday Detectors are high voltage DC units used to find pinholes, flaws and porosity in non-conductive coatings. They can only be...


AC Spark Testers

Buckleys currently manufacture two types of Spark Tester for coating inspection. Spark Testers generate AC voltages of typically between 5 and 55kV. They are generally...


Underwater Corrosion Monitoring

Buckleys sub-sea inspection equipment allows accurate corrosion monitoring of underwater structures including: jetties, drilling platforms, ship’s hulls and sub-sea pipelines.


Diathermy Testing – Medical

The Buckleys DTU6 has been developed specifically for the hospital market and was launched in 2006. The unit is more compact, easier to use...



A full range of electrodes for Buckleys products.